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First Time Sex

I been getting a period every month since age 12 which is when I got my first period and come april 1st of 2006 it didnt come on. I didnt bleed for two months. Could you tell me what could be go...


Hey, I'm an 18-year-old female, and recently started dating my best friend. We've always trusted each other and we know each other like no one else. The point is I'm a virgin, but I'm sure I want t...


Hi. I lost my virginity Friday and after we made love I was throwing away the condom and noticed there was no seman in the condom so I naturally started to get worried so I examined the condom and ...


I'm 15 is it healthy to mastrubate? Is it good for my testicles?


Can fingering leads to pregnancy . not sure about if sperms were there on the hands . but it was last day of my period . my period lasys for 10 days and my periods are late this time .

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