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First Time Sex

Me and my boyfriend tried having sex yesterday. And he wasn't in me for long. I'm a likely to get pregnant? I don't know if there was pre-cum. And I wasn't ovulating


I and my partner had sex after my 6th day of my periods but im in stress tht it may happend anything...but not intercourse but my partner said sperm had gone inside lightly before he tried to getup...


Hi, me and my boyfriend just had sex for the first time and I was wondering if there could be any sperm in his pre-cum even though he hasn't ejaculated in about three days


I think i might be pregnant but i just had sex and it to soon to tell but im tried and hungry i got to pee alot and it hurts and stings when i pee


I am a 19 year old virgin and I am circumcised so is it possible to reopen my vagina easily before I have sex?

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