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First Time Sex

I am 27. Got married recently. Didn't have a good first time sex experience. My penis was not erecting for more than 30sec and i felt my heart rate increased and excessive sweating. Doc suggested p...


Does it hurt to lose your virginity if you have a foreskin and will the friction made by the foreskin brake a condom cause like I'm 17 and like obviously think about it when I talk to my girlfri...


Will it hurt if i lose my virginity for the first time? And will it hurt if i let a guy break my virginity from the back?


I didnt had sex but my partner discharged his sperm outside my private part.. do you think is any chance of getting pregnant? and if yes then tell me how to deal with it because i dont want to ge...


Hi there! I'm 15 yrs old and about 2 or 3 weeks ago my boyfriend and I had sex, however it was literally for a second and we checked before if he had any pre cum- he didn't. But lately I have bee...

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