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First Time Sex

I lost my virginity and my vagina ripped. It continued to bleed for about 5 days. But about a day after it stopped bleeding it started to burn and itch really bad. It looked like there were sores o...


I am 24 year old lady. I got married a week before. I have fungal infection on vagina and in between thighs (yeast infection). I want to know during intercourse will it be transferred to my partner...


My girlfriend was a virgin and we had sex,we used a condom and it did not break. Now we are afraid if she is pregnant. Her breasts are sore if being touched and we are waiting for her monthly perio...


Me and my boyfriend tried having sex yesterday. And he wasn't in me for long. I'm a likely to get pregnant? I don't know if there was pre-cum. And I wasn't ovulating


I and my partner had sex after my 6th day of my periods but im in stress tht it may happend anything...but not intercourse but my partner said sperm had gone inside lightly before he tried to getup...

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