Genital Herpes

Do I have Genital Herpes based on the picture provided? I havent had sex in two months, and this showed up today in 24 hours.

Hi I'm wondering if a herpes sore were to show up on my penis. Would it be to painful to have sex? Or would it hurt to put cream on it?

6 weeks ago I engaged in mutual masterbation with a friend. We did not touch each other, but my friend tried to touch my genitals, I pushed his hand away, but he did graze me. Afterwards I noticed ...

I just took a shower and was examining my penis because i have had a small tear in the skin for about two weeks due to me and my girlfriend playing a little rough. So anyways its been getting bette...

I got a blowjob with a condom on. However the woman spit repeatedly and it ran down on to my scrotum and areas. I know she is hsv1 postive. What are my chances of contracting genital herpea?

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