Hair Loss

What is causing my hair fall, & how can I stop it? I am 41 yrs female, no pcos, ferritin serum approx 110 (was low in May but I supplemented and now has been over 100 since August), normal B12 ...

My age is 30 yrs. Recently I suffering from severe hair loss and have burning sensation near Parietal area of my head. Kindly do suggest me necessary medicines and diet that I need to follow.

Hi, I have been using doxepin 20 mg for migraine since 2012. I also started eating less nutritional food. When I was back to eating good food, I still had the hair loss which started as a small sp...

Hello....i have immense hairfall and my scalp is turning white as well

Hello. I'm 25 years old and suffer from male pattern baldness. I've been taking 1mg Propecia daily for about 7 years. One of the side effects of Propecia is decreased libido/trouble maintaining ere...

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