I had condom protected blow job from a sex worker and I ejaculated in the condom. Was I at risk for hiv

Could u get hiv buy horal sex I am very nervous about it do I go to a check up my foreskin is close to the tip but when I finish I knotice I had a little cut please I need ur device

Please, I need help. I'm on a post exposition prophylaxis for hiv. It's the 8th day. Doctor today diagnosed me with tonsillitis and prescribed nimesulide. Can I have it without fail my hiv treatmen...

26 yr old male, father and married. 6 months ago I had a very brief , one time sexual encounter with a male. Never before or after. I wore a condom and after I tried it for about 30 seconds I left....

I had sex with a prostitute about 3 weeks ago. I used a condom and now for the last 3 days I have the flu, a fever, its hard for me to swallow etc.

The person whom I work with is just rec...

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