Ingrown Toenail

At my taekwondo training, someone stepped on my left toe (I was barefoot), and my toe nail started bleeding at the top. I bathed my foot in epsom salt about 20 minutes after the incident and about ...

Hi, I have an ingrown toenail. Its swollen, and its bleeding{not a lot}, there's puss coming out of it, and an overgrowth of skin around it. How do I treat this at home?

How much does a ingrown toe nail removal typically cost, I am currently in-between insurances. The problem is on my left foot, the left side of my big toe, around the middle of the exposed nail on ...

Why is my toe still numb 24 hours after ingrown toenail was removed?

I had my big toenail fully removed last Wednesday. Can I put aloe vera on it to help with the healing process?

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