Low Libido

I am on Ramipril, Bisoprolol and aspirin, to help heart muscle recover after heart attack. Since taking these pills i have nearly completely lost libido, i am only 23 so this sucks! Can you help??

I am currently taking depo testostrone for low testosotrone (I started at 257), I take 1 cc every 2 weeks. I just received my last blood work back from the lab today, which came back as 1027. I fee...

Do i have low testosterone im a 22 year old girl i cant orgasm and have low libido and cant be aroused and i have elivated prolactin levels

I am 21 years old and throughout my life I have always had a very high sex drive and no sexual issues. Around 7 months ago I had a complete loss of sexual desire accompanied by erectile dysfunction...

Can weed lower sex drive? Im 15 year old Im normally really easily excited, but I've been smoking weed every day multiple times a day for the past few months. The last month or so i lost almost all...

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