Nail Fungus

I have had toe nail fungus on my left foot for quite some time now and there is no nail on my big toe now. Last night I woke up with severe pain in my big toes around the area where the nail used t...

Will my My Thumb nail ever grow back ? It's been 4-5 months and I haven't seen any changes.

I have a fungus on my forehead and the dermatologist told me to use Econaderm-HC cream and Fucicort cream in the day time along with Diprosalic ointment at nights however, the fungus seems to be g...

I have hepatitis a . Am I allowed to take lamisil tablets for my toe nail fungus ?

I have toenail fungus in one of my nails from last 2-3 months. Honestly speaking, I was unaware of it's seriousness at the very beginning and was under an impression that it will go away on it's ow...

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