Plastic Surgery

I had Smartlipo 3 months ago and have these dark lines that persist on my inner thighs. I know that hyper-pigmentation can be an adverse result of Smartlipo, but can't decide if that is what is goi...

I got a single protruded ear so what are the most likely be helpful to retract it to same level with the other one?

I had sliding genioplasty on my chin and needed revisionary surgery on it because of surgical error in placement of the bone. After this, my mentalis muscle droops below the border of my jawline an...

My 21 yr old daughter had jaw surgery about a year ago leaving an area about two inches square numb on the left side below her lip. She just started experiencing the left side of her nose twitchin...

I am having lip lift and i want to know how long i should wait to have e nose job

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