I had a fully ablative laser procedure on my nose three months ago to minimize some shallow acne scars, but the results were very unsatisfactory. My skin has healed and I am looking to have a derma...

I am 18 years old and my penis has a very noticeable curve when it is erect. I don't think I have Peyronie's disease as there are no hard lumps on my penis that indicate the presence of scar tissue...

I have some scars in my hand how to cure them there anyway to cure them i mean is there any cream

Im almost 18 and yesterday i had a cut on my face. Below the left eye. I applied an antiseptic (dettol) and put a cotton and slept the night. next thing i know in the morning is that i have black ...

I have a medium sized Keloid on my pubic area (not from an STD, I am not sexually active) and i am in a lot of pain. is there anything i can do to dull or stop the pain?

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