I have some scars in my hand how to cure them there anyway to cure them i mean is there any cream

Im almost 18 and yesterday i had a cut on my face. Below the left eye. I applied an antiseptic (dettol) and put a cotton and slept the night. next thing i know in the morning is that i have black ...

I have a medium sized Keloid on my pubic area (not from an STD, I am not sexually active) and i am in a lot of pain. is there anything i can do to dull or stop the pain?

Yes im contacting you to know what is wrong with my penis. Since i was 12 i had tears around the tip of my penis and i was just wondering if that could had been from me getting circumcrsesize or no...

Hi Doc, The space between litlle finger of my foot has been cut due to adverse exposure of water and Now , it has been getting worst as it is developed into a small wound. Kindly hel...

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