My partner and I both tested positive for syphilis. He was in stage 3 - already losing some of his sight. I was only in stage 1 - with no physical symptoms. He said he had not been with anyone but ...

I have gonorrhea last 7 month . I Take some antibiotics but not proper treatment . sir I m in Big Problem. Please Help me Sir and give me genuine Treatment

Hi sir, Ive been tested positive for syphilisis. I never had any symptoms or may be ive never noticed any. Im having a medical test after 15 days. So, if im having a first stage syphilisis and i...

I have a question about penicillin. I was diagnosed with syphillis around early October. But was given the shots of penicillin. Recently Ive been engaging in intercourse and was wondering if possi...

My husband was diagnosed with syphilis he don't have any symptoms the test says 097.9 this means that's recently or old

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