Is neurosyphalis treatable if not showing major symptoms at this point? How long after infection of syphalis would neurosyphalis develop?

Hi, i seem to have these raised bumps on tongue and from online research it seems it could be syphilis. I am really worried it is syphilis however i have no other signs on my genitals or other area...

I tested positive for syphilis last November. I've had three rounds of treatment with penicillin, and my doctor recommended waiting three months before being retested, which I did. This week my new...

I contracted Syphilis about three months ago. It evolved into its secondary stage before I received treatment. The body rash appeared all over my stomach. I received treatment for the Syphilis by g...

I have been haveing ed for the past month and noticed a numb and cold left foot i am only 22yrs old

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