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Vaginal Dryness

I have some small cuts in between my vagina and rectum. I am sexually active and I want to find a way to reduce the stinging.


I had a yeast infection. The yeast infection has cleared, but skin around the vagina is very irritated and itchy. I have scratches and scrapes around it. I have tried everything. Vagisil, Vaseline,...


I have some vaginal and anal itch/tingling for some time now. It does hurt i want to scratch it. Its mostly on outer side of the vagina and anus. What can it be please help?


When me and my fiance have sex it's a ordor I have and comes out strong what can I do to clean and fix that and I'm also three months pregnant and it's so dryness


Hello. I am a 21 year old female. I havent had my period for 3 months now. I have a pain in my vagina, feels like a bladder infection but im urinating jist fine. I have taken pregnancy test and al...

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