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Vaginal Dryness

Scar on labia with redness hurts when it rubs with other labia. Doctors confirmed its not herpes they don't know what it is. No blisters or bumps.


Hello doctor , I've an itching , bad smell and liquid coming from my vagina The itching is getting horrible Can you help to find the appropriate medicine ? How to make it cure and to pre...


Hi, I'm 18 years and am having vaginal irritation. It started as an itch, then became more of a painful burn. The irritation is right on the entrance of my vagina. There is no discomfort when I uri...


Hi, im a 17 year old female and everytime i have sex after like 10 minutes i get dry and it starts to hurt. Is there something wrong with me? Should i go to the doctors? What should i do?


Hi there, My name is Kerry. I am just getting touch as over the last couple of days I have been experiencing great discomfort in my vagina whereby after intercourse I have become itchy, swollen ...

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