Yeast Infections

I am 32 yr old femae, I have had a history of being diagnosed with overactive bladder 2001(age 19) - 2008, treated with ditto pan which coincided with birth control ortho- tri-cyc BC, in 2007, and ...

I am a male of 30. I have been experiencing some rashes on my Penis (tip of the penis). The top half of the tip of the penis is reddish and the skin (dead skin) is coming off from it.

What do I do about reoccurring yeast infections? For about 2 years now, I've been getting on-and-off yeast infections (more on than off). I went off the birth control pill 2 months ago because I th...

I am suffering yeast infection for a year and i am so worried about my health, i have already taken anti-fungal antibiotic for 2 weeks but nothing happened. Then i have been searching for some hom...

I am prone to get yeast infection, by taking drugs containing yeast ,, will that just make it worse?

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