Sex, blackouts and testicular pain

Patient: Im a 24 year old gay male. Last night my parnter and i masterbated and gave eachother oral for about 3 hours. After Roughly 2.5 hours of stimulation, my testicles started to ache. Over the next 30min the pain got worse until i ejaculated. Once i ejaculated the pain was still there and it felt like i had taken a hard knock to my testicles. My right one hurts more than the left. After about 3 hours my partner inspected my balls and penis. He very gently squeezed my right testicle and i clenched my eyes tight, when i opened my eyes i could see sparkles or stars whereva i looked then according to my partner i turned white, my eyes rolled backwards, i blackedout, fell forward and began to convulse a few times before i woke up from this state. Im a very nervous person about going to the doctors or hospitals and im really worried something may be wrong. Its been 12 hours since it happened and im not feeling any intense pain but i do still feel a pain thats very faint depending which way i move. As i said im a 24 yr old gay male, fairly active lifestyle, 6 foot tall and 95kgs.

Symptoms: Painful sensitive testicles during masterbation and after ejaculation. Dizziness, blackout, convulsions.