Sex is very painful for me. How can I make it less painful?

Patient: I am 18 years old. Since my first time trying a few months ago, sex has been very painful for me. Every time I try with my boyfriend we can barely get it in because it feels like broken glass. It hurts to the point where I have to stop him before we can finish, every single time we try. It doesn’t matter how long we engage in foreplay before, it still hurts the same amount. I really want us to start enjoying sex, but the pain always gets in the way. Why is this happening and what can I do to make the pain go away?

Symptoms: Painful intercourse

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Pain during intercourse can be seen due to causes like dispari ty between genital organs, vaginal infection etc. As you are having the pain repeatedly better to get examined.So, please do consult your doctor once and get examined.By an examination the length and width of the vagina can be make out and vaginal infection can be ruled out.In case, of small vaginal opening, procedures like dilatation can help. In case, of vaginal infection, you can be treated with antibiotics which can help in decreasing pain.These can relieve your psychological stress also.Take care.