Sex prepared and safe but oopsy may have happened. Could I be pregnant?

Patient: My boyfriend and I had sex and it was only our 2nd time. I have been taking Junel Fe 1.5 MG-30 for about 6 months. He used a condom with spermicide inside of it. The condom did not break, but the semen had squeezed out of the back of the condom (onto his testicles) and dripped onto me. I don’t think it went inside of me but I’m not completely sure. I wiped it off with paper towel because I didn’t know what else to do. He messed with the condom to make sure it hadnt broke and later put his fingers inside me to see if anything had felt different, forgetting that he had semen on his hands earlier. I am VERY scared. We were completely prepared and safe but I’m terrified. Could I be pregnant?