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Patient: My boyfriend is not trusting me and he think that i have slept with other guy other than him, so he want to check how many boy i have slept with, is there anything that can tell how many man i have slept with, is there any please can you tell me, because i want to clear this misunderstanding.


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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,I understand your problem in your relationship with your boyfrien d here, but unfortunately its just mutual trust which is to be relied upon especially when it comes to relationships with other people. There is no way physically or even through tests to find out as to how many men a woman has slept with or for that matter same for men vice versa.The initial days where a woman is a virgin then she may have her hymen intact and a defloration or break of hymen may indicate possible sexual activity but in an already sexually active woman, to tell how many partners has she had is difficult and not possible. However the vaginal laxity can does point towards frequent intercourses but again its not a definite clue.I suggest you should talk to your partner straight and with an open mind and discuss his concerns with you in detail and try explaining him what he is offended about and clear the doubts between you. This problem has a solution only by means of talks and it is important that you both trust each other. You need to make him understand as to how much you love him and wouldn’t think of other men, its then probably he would get receptive to your explanations even. Trust yourself and handle it calmly and patiently.I hope i have been able to answer your concerns,Wishing you a healthy relationship,Regards


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Patient: can you get pregnant, when you have an unprotected sex but pull out just before a cum?

Doctor: Hello,
Well there are possibilities yes, if the pre-cum is ejaculated inside before the actual ejaculation after pulling out. The pre-cum contains sperms and prostatic fluid and even pre cum can get a lady pregnant if the intercourse is unprotected.

Patient: do the men know when there pre-cum come out, cause i don’t know if my bf pre-cum is ejaculate inside me.


Doctor: Well during the act and under excitement often it so happens that men don’t get to know if they have presumed. Its only when the feeling of orgasm has peaked that they realise that they are about to cum and then they withdraw.


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