Sex question

Patient: Hey, I’m kind of just overthinking everything since last night- had sex for the first time with my girlfriend whom has never had any other partner like myself. were both 20. I did use a condom, but it broke. I wasn’t aware that it broke for probably near 5-6 minutes. She says she has been using birth control each day regularly. I did not ejaculate, I stopped as soon as I noticed the condom broke but I was freaking out at the fact of what I’ve heard of HIV and std’s… Since we both havent had any other partner is this something to worry about? I had a cold before having sex, and today I feel even worse( i just got back from hockey and felt really sick). Also I’ve heard you can get someone pregnant without ejaculating… I’m freaking out that she could be even though shes on birth control. Can someone please ease my mind, or inform me of what there is and isnt to worry about. Please.Thank you.