Sex related problem

Patient: Premature ejaculation problem since 5-6 years & loosing sperm in sleep unknowingly. May when tired or sometimes without tired. So please prescribe any medicine. I’m feeling shy to meet doctors & explain the same

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Premature ejaculation has many causes like anxiety, abnormal hormone levels, lack of bo nding with the partner, excessive masturbation, etc. There is no pill as such available anywhere or over the counter to stop it. You will have to see a doctor for an examination and also develop an understanding with your partner. Use of specialised condoms will delay ejaculation. Do not exceed the foreplay and penetration must be on time. A behavioural therapist or a sexual counsellor will be able to help you better personally.Stop smoking and alcohol and have a good diet and 8 hours of sleep daily.Hope this helped.Regards