Sex several times on the last day of my period.

Patient: I had unpretected sex several times on the last day of my period about 28 days ago and i have taken several pregnacy test every since i took one today which is suppose to be the start of my period and still got a negative but no period. should i asume im preg. and go to the doctors for a real test or should i wait. could this be caused because i missed 2 weeks of my birth control last month and it is just throwing my period off?

Doctor: There might be a possibility that since you stopped taking your Oral Contraceptives, your body had to release its own ho rmones and this could produce a Hormonal imbalance that could have affected your menses due date.I suggest you to wait a week after your menses due date and take another pregnancy test if menses dont show yet. If a positive result shows up, you might want to confirm it with a blood pregnancy test done by your health care provider.