Sex with husband yesterday, now blood?

Patient: Okay I’m gonna try to explain this so it’s not confusing, I’m 6 weeks and 5 day pregnant, I for sure thought I was. I was gonna take a test this Friday. Me and my husband had sex yesterday and I noticed after I was bleeding light pink, and I just thought “whatever it might just be because I just has sex” and I ignored it, and that was at about 5. I checked again at 8 and it had gone away. At about 11, I checked again and it was brown blood. I just assumed my body was cleaning old blood out and ignored it. I woke up this morning and it was light pink blood, I ignored it again. Then I went to the DMV for 3 hours without a bathroom, and I noticed my underwear felt wet just like a period, but there wasn’t a bathroom so I couldn’t check. After the DMV I went to mcdonalds and I checked and it looked like my period. So I assumed it was, and maybe I wasn’t really pregnant. Even though we did have sex without protection. Anyways, I put in a tampon and left. I got home and took a nap. After, I took out the tampon and there was a purple/red very thick blood clot. I was scared, so I wiped and wiped, there were 3 more.They aren’t liquidy at all. I was very confused, I wiped again and there was no blood. I’m still very confused, because now it’s light again. Please help, I’m scared. We have been trying for a while now

Symptoms: Mild cramping