Sex with Unknowm Women with 2 Condoms at a time.

Patient: Hi Doctor, today i had a sex with unknown women and used 2 condoms. please suggest chances of HIV transmission.

Doctor: Thanks for your question.I understand, you used two condoms simultaneously for a single sexual activity.HIV can onl y be contracted through transfer of body fluids of an infected person through unprotected sex/transfusion of infected blood/sharing of infected needles/ to children from infected women .Since your sex with the unknown women (one night stands’) was doubly protected and those condoms did not slip or break (there was no information reg these), your risk for HIV is negilgible. Though there is a word of caution –two condoms at one time is not advisable, in fact using two at one time will may cause more breakages and put you at more risk.Second issue – try to avoid ‘one night stands (sex with people you don’t know) as HIV can’t be judged by symptoms and if you continue to use two condoms’ , then you will land up breaking /slipping the condoms and exposing yourself to virus.Hope it helps.