Sex without Condom and the Pill

Patient: My girlfriend has been on the pill for a month. We had sex without a condom today, and I did not finish inside her. We are both safe of STD’s, but is it possible for her to get pregnant still?

Symptoms: Nothing

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to ATD.In the first month of starting oral pills, additional contraception is required for the first 7 days of starting the pill unless the pill has been started on the first day of starting her periodsOral contraceptive pills have a failure rate of 9 percent with typical use. These means that 9 out of 100 women who used oral contraceptive pills experienced a failure with typical usage. This is because the pill needs to be taken daily and missed pills may lead to failure.If the pill has been consumed regularly, additional contraception such as condoms are usually not needed after the first 7 days. With proper or ideal usage the failure rate of the pill is less than 1 percent.Without an ejaculation in the vagina or around it, chances of pregnancy are rare. In your case, I believe you need not worry about the possibility of a pregnancy.Hope this helps.All the best.