Sex without protection with wife

Patient: Dear doctorI had unprotected sex with my gf on 1April without any precaution while ejaculated on that night while sex. On 2nd April evening she had a pain in his lower area and little bleeding ! Last month she had periods on 3 or 4 the march so she expected this month on 3 or 4 th april ! She had a postpone 72 conceptive pill two times on 3morning and 3rd evening by dissolving tablet in water ! She don’t want to be pregnant ! So we have to wait for some days or we have to go for pregnancy testWe already had sex before that it’s first time without precautionRegardKm

Doctor: Dear Km, Thank you for your query.If her period was on the 3rd or 4th of March and if her periods are regular then her expected date of menses is around 1or 2nd of April. She probably has just started her period therefore if you had unprotected sex on the 1st of April probably she is on safe days i.e. only if her periods are regular and the chances of a pregnancy from this intercourse are almost remote. After the unprotected sexual intercourse since the girl took emergency contraceptive pill before 72 hours probably she may not get pregnant. But the ovulation sometimes can also be late. Anyhow previous sexual intercourse was with precautions you say. But in case she does not get her menstrual cycle even 7 to 10 days after the expected date of menstrual cycle then it is suggested to opt for a home pregnancy test.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.