October 18, 2018

Sexual Dysfunction related to chronic prostatitis

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Patient: For over two years I’ve been experiencing extreme sexual dysfunction (inability to gain an erection, no spontaneous or sleeping erections, and premature ejaculation while not erect), in addition to some symptoms of prostatitis. Urologists have had me on antibiotics of all types, and they relieved some original problems I had with prostate pain and penis pain, but did nothing for the urine drip or, more importantly, the sexual dysfunction. I’ve tried different herbal remedies, including Prosta Q and nothing has helped. Doctors have told me I have prostadynia, but that the erection problems are psychological, which I have a hard time believing, since I’m unable to even get an erection while sleeping, nothing spontaneous at all. I’ve been prescribed zoloft and Viagra, and both of those helped, but I’m not even thirty years old, and don’t feel that I should have to resort to that just yet. Do you have any suggestions? And is the urine drip and occasional prostate pain linked to the sexual dysfunction?

Doctor: There is some association between prostadynia and erectile dysfunction. It seems clear to me that your erectile problems are not psychological but are from some physical condition. There are many conditions which can cause erectile dysfunction. Often times , there are multiple factors contributing to the problem. Prostadynia seems to be one of the cuases already identified. There may be condition affecting your blood vessels and thus blood flow to the erectile tissue of your penis since you are able to achieve an erection with the help of Viagra. I suggest speaking with your physician about performing the appropriate to tests to investigate for such vascular disorders.

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Guest: My boyfriend has erectile and ejaculation problems caused by his chronic prostatitis. Get treatment for the prostatitis and this should improve the sexual dysfunction. Common treatment is cipro or flomax or both. Good luck!

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