Sexual encounter with male and STI risk

Patient: I’m a straight guy in my 20’s and have been bicurious for while, I have a girlfriend but recently decided to try things out with a guy. We kissed, he performed oral on me without a condom (penis and anus), I performed oral on him with a condom, and he attempted to penetrate me with his finger but I wasn’t into it. I regular shave my body, including the areas he preformed anal on me and actually shaved the night before. I was just wondering what STD’s I could have been susceptible to from what I’ve done. I also am wondering what I should be tested for, and how long should I wait to be tested, I know there’s a waiting period for some. Getting tested will really reduce my stress level but so will hearing from you. It was a one time thing that I’m not into, but I want to make sure I’m completely clean.

Doctor: If there was any penetration along with ejaculation into the body then there are higher chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections like HIV.Moreover since you shave there could have been superficial cuts or breaks in the skin which further increase your chances. However the risk of getting other STI’s like chlamydia and gonorhea remain the same. You should get tested sooner than later for HIV , Gonnorhea, Chlamydia and herpes. Also keep a look out for symptoms like urethral discharge, burning on urination, flu like illness and bumps in the anal / pelvic area. Please try and practice safe sexual methods with the use of a condom. All the best.