Sexually Transmitted Disease or Nothing at all?

Patient: Hey Doc,I do manual labor for work, and it is very demanding. For the last couple months I have had a red ring like spot on my penis.It isn’t doing a very good job healing, because it is at the top of my foreskin and it creases over, so the problem area doesn’t stay dry.The days get hot, and some days I would soak threw my underwear and jeans. and my penis would rub hard against the fabric causing irritation.It hasn’t spread, or gotten much bigger. When I shower a small layer of dead skin around the area washes off when its not tender.It just doesn’t go away. Like i said its been a few months. I always put it off hoping that at heals. But it doesnt. I just work alot.I have a girlfriend, she has been my only partner, and I tend to masturbate often. But I have found both to be a problem.After I do either, the spot gets enflamed, sensitive, after I shower, and clean. The spot is left raw, and I want to use the word “Pus” but its not whiteish yellow, its just clear. Maybe thats my body rushing to heal it I dont know. But then it itches for a bit, goes away and starts to harden back up for the healing process.I am very sexually active, so It’s hard not to do either. It’s been about 2 weeks now.I dont have health insurance, and the only free clinic around me is too my neighborhood.My Question. Is it an STD? What is it? How should I fix it?