Sharp kidney pain started a couple of weeks ago especially

Patient: Sharp kidney pain started a couple of weeks ago especially at night. Loss of appetite food disgusts me especially the taste makes me want to vomit started on Friday. Pain near left and right hip hurts more on the left my lower stomach has been hard. White mucus in stool. Twitches in lower stomach. Tonight has been hard to sleep cause the pain I supposed to have my period in two day but I jave had no cramps my nipple usually start to hurt and I usually want to eat about everything. my hormones have been all over the place.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Looks like you have had an intestinal infection. It could be due to bacterial or a para sitic infection as well. Other causes like dysentery, amebiasis, gastritis, colitis and even kidney or urinary stones, UTI have to be ruled out.Drink plenty of water and avoid stress, smoking, alcohol and oily food. Consider seeing a physician for an examination, ultrasound and blood, urine and stool tests.Based on the investigations, the doctor will treat you accordingly with antihelminthics or antibiotics. You may also need additional probiotics. Antispasmodics will give you some relief. For now, see the doctor soon to avoid dehydration and further complications. The cycles could have been delayed due to infection, they are likely to resume in a while once you get rid of this problem first.Hope this helped.Regards