Sharp Pains, Late Period, Headaches, Spotting?

Patient: My periods over the past year have been pretty regular, until this month, my period was 2 weeks late, then when it came, the first day was extreamly heavy, then i was spotting for about 8 days, my period usually lasts 3 days, 4 at max. About a month ago i woke up with extreme, abdomal, back, and pelivs pain(all around that area) it felt like a extreme sharp pain everytime i moved, walked, peed, or even tried to turn over but it felt like it was worse when i was on my stomach, it felt like my tail bone was being pushed back because when layed on my back it was like a slite releif. I called my friend over because she’s pregnant with her second child so i thought she might have some advice, we bought 4 pregnancy tests to rule that out of the question and they were all negative. But then 2-3 weeks later the incident with my period happened, and i have been having a lot of headaches, i was hoping someone might have an answer?

Symptoms: Sharp abdominal and back pain, late period, spotting

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comthe kind of pain you experienced indicates either a premenstrual synd rome which in your case started early and got relieved with menses.Or this could have been acute urinary tract infection which can present with lower abdominal and severe backache and painful urination. this could have been confirmed with a urine culture test.I f such symptoms are experienced again you may consult your physician for prescribing antispasmodics if its premenstrual syndrome.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health ,regards