Shin numbness for five days

Patient: Why has my shin been numb for 5 days?

Doctor: The shin numbness might be due to diverse causes:  peripheral neuropathy, diabetes or lumbar spine nerve compression. Y You have a previous history of spine surgery with rods may be or not related with the current complain. In the younger patients, lumbar radiculopathy may be a result of a disc herniation or an acute injury causing impingement of an exiting nerve. In the older patient, cervical radiculopathy is often a result of spinal canal narrowing from bone (osteophyte) formation, decreased disc height and degenerative changes due to aging process. The treatment strategy usually includes: a physical therapy program aimed to reduce pain and inflammation, and the use of anti-inflammatory medication (Aleve, Motrin), also a re-education of your habits and posture to improve quality of life. You should be independent in a stretching and strengthening program and continue with these exercises under the periodic supervision of a physical therapist initially and then completely on your own. I strongly recommend you to have a comprehensive evaluation by a spine surgeon to assess the current status of the synthesis material (rods) and determine if you are having a radicualr compression.