Shin splints or something worse?

Patient: I am having very bad shin problems. I went from running cross country to track. Before track started I wasn’t doing any activity, then track started we were going very hard. Our track is made out of stone not the usual all weather track(which is softer). I always get shin splints no matter what, but this time it’s more painful. My shins only hurt in one certain place and not the area around it. It hurts when I’m just laying in bed doing nothing! Is this just a severe case of shin splints or is it something worse? What should I do to help it?

Symptoms: Pain in one spot but not in the area around it. Severe pain where it make me cry

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Shin splints is a common injury that happens in people just starting to run. This happe ns because of the impact of hitting the ground. The shin bone is not used to this impact and there is pain in the shin bone.You can try the following to help you:Rest the shin bone. You can cut down on your runs for about a weekIce the shin bone for 15 mins every hourMassage the shin bone and the area of painStretch the areaUse Ibuprofen gel to help reduce the swellingIf you do not feel better after 1 week, please see a Doctor to get help. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best.