Shin Splints v.s. Stress Fracture

Patient: Hi There,I am a young teen and I was jumping horse jumps that were over 3ft at a friends over excessively and the next morning I woke up with very sore shins! They continued on and I kept playing volleyball and participated in gym just brushing off the pain. Then after time it progressed to only my left shin hurting more in one area (with slight pain along the bone vertically). My mother tookme to the doctor and I explained everything to him and said it hurts almost all the time and even when I’m laying in bed resting it. He said it’s just shin splints and gave me ’50 GM DICLO 10% In plo gel kit’ to use twice a day.I have had it for 3 days and he said it should take 3-5 days. I am wondering if I should get x-rays or bot . Let me know!Thanks !