Shingles and chicken pox transmission

Patient: Hi my fiancee is 18 weeks pregnant and has come down with shingles, but my son now has chicken pox. is it safe for her to be around the chicken pox now she has shingles.

Doctor: I understand your concern about Shingles and possible transmission. Shingles develops form the same virus that causes Ch ickenpox which is the Varicella Zoster virus, and might develop in any people who have had chicken pox in the past.Let me reassure you that usually shingles develops in adults after the virus stays dormant in the body for years, a person with shingles could only transmit chicken pox and NOT shingles. In my opinion, your son might have probably acquired chicken pox due to direct contact with your fiancée. It is not dangerous for him to be in contact now. It’s important that your fiancée seeks medical counseling right away to begin anti viral medications within a few days of a shingles outbreak for best results. When taken as directed, these drugs should be safe during pregnancy.