Shingles? How to proceed?

Patient: I think I have shingles but I’m only 28. The pictures i’ve seen online in relation to shingles are exactly what my rash looks like and the descriptions of symptoms are equally similar, though I have no fever, my pain is very mild, and I haven’t had a headache since the rash appeared, which was about three days ago.

Symptoms: A small rash, approximately two inches. The rash has very small bubbles. A fair bit of my right side is in pain and much of the front of my belly as well, though there’s no visual indications. Cold causes an intense tingling sensation, however it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the sensation is taking place. The pain is very mild, though very noticeable as well. It does not itch or burn. The surface of my skin around the rash and the aforementioned areas are irritated by clothing, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extreme pain, the pain is a 1 on the surface, maybe a 2 under the skin, slightly more when i’ve pressed on it. I’ve had no nausea, fever, or headaches. I have noticed weight gain recently, but that began when I stopped exercising and started eating unhealthy food. I smoke cigarettes in excess and often, for several years, there’s black flecks in mucus that I cough up.