Shoes for plantar fasciitis

Patient: What are the best shoes to purchase for plantar fasciitis?

Doctor: Appropriate shoes f?r plantar fasciitis ?? t?? m??t ?m??rt??t element against pain, with ???r? step the pressure ?? con nstantly ??t ?? t?? plantar fascia. W??? t?? plantar fascia ligament becomes overused, overstretched, ?r inflamed, ?t causes plantar fasciitis.If ??? wear appropriate footwear accompanied w?t? ???? stretching exercises f?r plantar fasciitis, surgery ??? ?ft?? b? avoided. Thus ?? order t? reduce plantar fascia stress, supportive shoes m??t b? worn.  M??t ?ft?? a ???? pair ?f running shoes, classified ?? stability ?r motion control, w??? b? t?? best option ?? providing t?? ???????r? stability.   F?r ??m?, t?? ??? ?f this type of  shoes alone ?? ??t sufficient t? provide t?? ???????r? support.  Over t?? counter inserts ??? custom orthotics ??? b? greatly helpful ?? providing support.  H?w???r, custom orthotics ??? b? r?t??r expensive.  Thus, trying a firm/rigid (??t gels ?r cushion) insert ??? b? a ???? first option.  It ?? ?m??rt??t t? note t??t ?? insert ?? ??t a substitute f?r supportive shoes ??? ?????? b? worn together. Stretching t?? calf muscles ?? ?? ?m??rt??t ??rt t? reducing plantar fascia tension.  T?? calf muscles, including t?? gastroc ??? soleus, attach t? t?? back ?f t?? heel.  Tension fr?m t???? muscles pulls back ?? t?? heel, causing tension ?? t?? plantar fascia.  A ?r??t way t? stretch t?? calf t?? first thing ?? t?? morning, before ??? take ???r first steps, ?? t? hook a towel ?? t?? ball ?f ???r foot ??? w???? keeping t?? knee straight pull back ?? t?? towel.  Hold t?? stretch f?r a minimum ?f 30 seconds ??? repeat a few times.  Another way t? stretch t?? calf ?? t? ??t t?? ball ?f ???r foot ?t t?? edge ?f a stair step ??? allow ???r heel t? sink down.  Hold t?? stretch f?r 30 seconds w?t? ???r knee straight ??? 30 seconds w?t? ???r knee slightly b??t. You can also try anti inflammatory medication (“Motrin”) to relieve the pain and icing the affected arch for 10-20 minutes/day.