Shooting pain behind ear and eye at night.

Patient: I had cold and flu for almost 10 daysconsulted an ent and completed a course of anti-biotics (Ciproflaxin).Cold had subsided.Since past 5-6 days, after sleeping at night for 1 hour, i wake up with a shooting pain behind my eye, ear and around the neck area.I had faced a similar pain the last time i got a severe cold.I would like to know what is the cause. Any home remedy to avoid this pain.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Such eye pain is known as Retrobulbar pain.Neck pain is due to Myalgia’s.These oc cur in viral fever, dengue.You can simply do hot fomentation of the affected area.Apply Diclofenac gel locally on neck.This should get normal in 3-5 days.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy