Should/arm pain while doing quick upward arm movements

Patient: About 5 years, while playing football in high school, I would occasionally aggravate my shoulder. The thing that triggered this aggravation was quick upward arm movements while some type of weight was on my arm. It only happened in my right should/arm, but the aggravation caused my arm to have basically zero strength. There would be a strong tingling sensation throughout most of my upper arm. I never went to the doctor since the pain would subside in a day but I did some research and it looked like a should impingement. I haven’t had any episodes in the last couple of years, but recently I got into olympic style weightlifting. Whenever I do fast upward arm movements, I get a similar pain deep in my shoulder and down to my elbow. The pain only lasts for an hour or so, but I don’t want to have to worry about it. What are some preventative measures I should be taking to avoid this pain?-E

Symptoms: loss of strength in right arm, tingling sensation