Should be 8weeks off of lmp but showing 4weeks pregnant

Patient: I should be 8weeks pregnant from my lmp. But at my first ultrasound sound the doctor said I looked only 4weeks. Since I’m sure of my lmp she said I will miscarry. I have no bleeding, light period cramps here and there, and now I’m starting to get nausea especially after I eat. Can I still think positive or with so many weeks behind I will miscarry? ?? Thank you

Symptoms: Pregnancy may be a miscarriage

Doctor: Thank you for your query.If the difference in the gestational age is ~ 2weeks or less between the scan & LMP calcu lation it is quite common it should not be of much concern. There could be two main reasons for a difference in the gestational age between the LMP & the ultrasound scan in the first trimester. The first being if the woman has irregular periods it would be difficult to particularly ascertain when she ovulated to exactly calculate the gestational age. In such cases the gynecologist should usually adjust the LMP as per the scan for future assessments. It is also re3commended that blood tests are done to see if there is any hormonal imbalance of low concentrations which if found should immediately be supported by medications or injectables as required.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.