Should I be concerned over elevated total 227 Cholesterol?

Patient: Hello,I am a 51 year lod woman.Weight 135Height 5’8I had a cholesterol test taken last week. Should I be running to a doctor?I had a Diet Coke can, before my blood test, can that affect the test result?Total:227HDL:85.2LDL:114Triglycerides:140Ratio:2.7I have never had a total over 200 before.

Symptoms: 227 Total Cholestrol, see above breakdown of test.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There seems to be an altered value of test reports of the lipid profile in few parame ters.Ideally the goal is to maintain a total cholesterol of less than 200 and if it is more than 240 mg/dl, it might be a risk for a heart disease. HDL values are fine and more than 65 mg/dl which is a goos cholesterol and protective to the heart. LDL must be less than 100mg/dl and triglycerides less than 150 mg/dl to call it optimal values of lipid profile. Your goal should be to keep the profile within the mentioned range to reduce the risk of heart ailments. Having coke before the test will not acutely alter the test report. It will only add to slow changes in the profile. Change your lifestyle to a more healthier one. Include high fibre and protein in the diet and cut down on carbohydrate and fat containing food items. Diet control works wonders and is enough in many cases.However, the doctor may start you on statins if there is a need for it. Check your blood sugars to rule out diabetes. Reduce stress. Stop smoking and alcohol. These measures will surely help in bringing down the cholesterol. Also, re check the lipid profile as advised by the treating doctor.Hope this helped.Regards