Should I be worried about this spotting

Patient: For the first time I have been spotting for almost about a week now after my period, I am not on any birth control pills though however and I am a bit concered what could this mean

Symptoms: A bit moody pinkish/red spotting

Doctor: Hello,The light pinkish spotting for a week after the end of your periods is possibly either continued menstruation i n form of scanty bleed or is a breakthrough bleed in the middle of the cycle.These both can be attributed to hormonal imbalances due to stressors during the month in absence of any pregnancy. If you are not on any birth control pills and have been sexually active then they can be possibly implantation bleed unless pregnancy is ruled out.It is suggested that you may undergo a serum beta hcg test to rule out pregnancy and if negative then an ultrasound pelvis to look for endometrial thickness to correlate with the phase of menstruation and ascertain possible hormonal deficiency if it exists.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards