Should i be worried i have HIV or is it

Patient: I had unprotected sex about 4 weeks ago now and was diagnosed with gonnorhea and chlamidya, but got treatment for these straight away. I have now been diagnosed with tonsillitis by the doctor because i have all the usual symptoms and have had it about 4/5 times before. I’ve got white puss on tonsils, painful to swallow, body ache and fever. i got antibiotics for this 2 days ago and have been taking them aswell as painkillers. My symptoms dont seem to be improving and i am really panicking that i may have something worse like HIV? as i have read online that that has some of these symptoms, i was unable to have this test when i went to the clinic as it was too soon.should i be worried? the doctor said i wasnt high risk as it was just once and with a portugese boy. I just feel like its really coincidental timing and i am really panicking.

Symptoms: Tonsil swelling, fever, painful to swallow