Should I be worried of LOW WBC?

Patient: Hi, I’ve had fever for 4 days and today I got a blood test done. The report indicates that my WBC count is 2300. Should I be worried?

Doctor: White blood cells (WBC) protect the body by fighting against infections. The decrease in their number also call leukopen ia may suggest a problem with your body defense mechanism. This can be caused due to a recent infection, failure of the bone marrow to produce these cells, certain drugs, diseases of the liver and spleen, radiation and chemo therapy and cancer. It is important in your case to consult your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your decreased WBC level. Treatment will depend on the cause. In the meanwhile try to avoid places where you may be susceptible to infections like crowded areas and hospitals. If you notice fever, night sweats, chills, loose stools, cough or any signs of infection, visit your doctor or the ER immediately.