Should I continue with this Statin Drug?

Patient: Hi, I have been on a Statin Drug (Simvistatin) for about 3 years. I had the new Heart scan test done that shows the amount of calcification in the arteries. My number was 0. I was astonished and of course pleased with the results. Here is my question: My Doctor, which I have been with for about 8 years, and trust completely, wants me to continue on the Simvistatin (20 milligrams once nightly) even after seeing my test results. He says that if I stop taking the Statin that my bad cholesterol (LDL) will increase, therefore increase my chances of plaque buildup. My LDL has been between 65-80 since being on the Statin. I am a 57 year old male, weigh 180 pounds, never smoked. I am starting to exercise 3-4 days a week, both cardio and light weight lifting and because of the possible long term negative side effects I would love to come off the Statin. Should I continue taking it or STOP?Thanks in Advance for any advice.

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Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD. Statins are good for heart. Your doctor rightly said that it will control plaque formation an d helps in reducing the risk of ischemic heart disease. Please continue as advised by your doctor. Have a nice day.