Should I finish my pack?

Patient: So, I am taking Tri-Sprintec which is a generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen. I started taking a pack and I took my pill Sunday and Monday from the original pack. Well, we stayed at my family’s this past weekend, and they live all the way in Texas and I am in Georgia. Anyway, I get my birth control in sets of three, so I took today’s pill from the new pack that I had on hand so I would not miss any pills, by passing the first two pills in the new pack since I took them from my old pack. Is this acceptable? I plan on finishing this pack. And when I finish it, I will have two extra pills (the Sunday/ Monday that I took from the old pack). Please help. I have contacted my health care provider, but she said to just “see what happens” and I am not exactly comfortable with that.

Symptoms: None