Should I get surgery to repair my orbital floor fracture? M

Patient: Should I get surgery to repair my orbital floor fracture?My ex boyfriend hit me in my eye, fracturing my orbital floor. My eye has healed for the most part. I have slight double vision when I look eye has sunken in making my eyes look different. I’m very self conscious about this. I saw a maxiofacial surgeon today. He said that my eye has sunken as much as it will,I’m just so upset that my eye has sunken this much at all. I don’t know what to do.

Symptoms: Double vision, sunken eye,

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.First of all you should get a MRI Orbit to see for the extent and nature of damage. The diplopia caused after a traumatic injury is usually transient and is due to mis alignment. This can be improved with time once the eye ball regains its normal position. Now an MRI is indicated to see how severe is the injury and the alignment would come without any surgical intervention or not.For cosmetic purposes, you may require a surgical intervention.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy