Should I go to school?

Patient: Hi, so I’m fourteen and half, and was wondering if I should go to school tomorrow. I started feeling really really tired Thursday and lost my appetite but just went to school. I did the same Friday but when I came home, I had a temperature of 100.5. Yesterday I rested all day and today I went to a family gathering and ate real food but now my stomach hurts, ugh, and I have a temperature of 101.5. I’ve lost 5-6 pounds, I’m coughing a lot, extremely tired, and my throat is really dry. Should I just take an ibuprofen and cough drops tomorrow and go to school? What would you recommend?

Symptoms: Fever, coughing, very fatigue, dry cough, feel really warm and weak

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for the Query.It seems that you have the common flu. I would recommend y ou to rest well at home for 2 reasons:- Prevent the infection from spreading to others- And preventing you from picking up an infection from othersYou should take Paracetamol for fever and you can continue the cough drops. If the fever does not subside within 2 days, please consult a Physician.