Should I go to the doctor?

Patient: A week ago, a bump came up on my lower abdomen. It was about the size of a dime. Within a day the redness around the bump grew larger than a quarter. And when I would touch it was numb and I could only feel pressure.The area of the original bump turned purple and the skin started to peel away. And the redness around the bump is darker. The feeling is back and it is getting more and more sore.It now has a tiny spot that looks like a blister that is yellowish.I have also been having abdominal cramps on the same side as the bump.I have seen black widow, brown recluse and hobo spiders at my house.I was bitten by a hobo over summer and this doesn’t seem the same.Is there something I can do at home to help this or do I really need to go to my PCP? Thank you for your time!

Symptoms: Swollen bump with redness, peeling skin and small blister. Abdominal cramping

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Doctor: Thank you for question. It is possible that you may have had an insect bite in this area. We are not certain if this may have been due to a spider or another insect. Since you have seen venomous spiders within your house, we are concerned that this bite may need to be evaluated and treated by a doctor. Black widow spider bites are neurotoxic and can cause life threatening heart arrhythmias. Please see your doctor immediately.Thank you for consulting