Should i go to the hospital? severe pain when swallowing

Patient: I have severe pain when swallowing and ringing ears should I be going to the hospital? I cant fall asleep because of the pain swallowing

Symptoms: Swollen throat. ringing ears. signs of cold. fever

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that that you have contracted streptococcal pharyngitis along with an ear in fection. This would produce severe sore throat along with ear ache and tinnitus. If you feel that your pain is severe enough that you require immediate medical attention then it would be wise for you to go to your nearest emergency department or urgent care center. You will need to have your throat examined and tested for the type of bacteria that is infecting your throat by having a sample of saliva swabbed from the back of your throat. Most likely, you can be placed on a course of antibiotics along with medications to alleviate your pain and fever such as acetaminophen. Your symptoms should resolve with antibiotic treatment.Thank you for consulting