Should i prepare for miscarriage?

Patient: I had an IVF FET on 10/15.HCG #1 10/24: 29.10/27: 128.11/3: 1147.11/10: 479811/10: CRL measuring 7 weeks but the geatational sac is empty. Is there hope?

Symptoms: None, no cramping or bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt is evident from the HCG levels that they are constantly increasing over 2 weeks and no decline which is a positive sign. Hoewever, the gestational sac which measures 7 weeks and empty. Considering that the IVF-ET was performed on 15th oct , its been a month. Usually a fetal pole develops inside the gestational sac by 6-7 weeks and a heart beat is often seen , but in cases of IVF this process may be delayed by week or two. So if there has been a continuous rise in the HCG levels , it is advisable to wait for another 2 weeks to allow the fetal pole to appear.If during the next follow up transvaginal ultrasound, a fetal pole is evident with food decidual reaction and enlarging gestational sac, that would imply a successful IVf-ET.So, please continue the follow up and stay positive about the outcome. Stress is not healthy for conception and may hamper the outcome, so keep your self calm and possibly smiling at all times.I hope i have answered your query.Wishing you a successful outcome,regards