Should I seek treatment?

Patient: Would a 2.5 cm uterine fibroid be considered to be a large tumor and should it be treated?

Symptoms: Heavy periods, pressure in the pelvic area, constipation, frequent urination

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Treatment of fibroids depends on symptoms and age of the pati ent etc.Symptoms due to fibroids are more important than the size of the fibroid.Usually asymptomatic fibroid doesn’t require treatment.But as you are having symptoms like heavy bleeding during periods, pain abdomen, bladder and bowel disturbances etc, better to get treated.As you are in perimenopauasal age group you can go for medical treatment for few months.If symptoms subside with medicines, no need of surgery.Because after attaining menopause the fibroid will shrink.If symptoms are not getting controlled with medicines, you may need hysterectomy.Take care.