Should I stop trying to conceive when I am taking medication for TB?

Patient: I m 29 yrs old. Trying to concieve for the last 5 yrs.. Had 3 IUIs. Mantoux test was negative but tbpcr was positive. My doctotor said i have mild uterus infection. Sholud i try to concive or go for iui while on tb medication(rifa i-6 forte)?

Doctor: Thank you for your queryGenerally when TB infection is there in the genital tract it reduces the chances of conceiving . It is better not to try for conception till you finish the course of the medication. After that try only for IUI for 3 cycles if the conception does not occur it is better to opt for an IVF cycle to improve the chances. Generally the fallopian tubes once get infection it would be difficult for the infection to be totally cleared,so IVF maybe a better option.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day